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Live-blog the parliamentary elections in Ukraine

Returns the country back to stability?

On Sunday Ukraine reselected. After the presidential elections in May, the new Parliament will be elected on 26 October. The conditions are more confusing than ever: In addition to the “Block Poroshenko”, who competes as a clear favorite in the election, there are up to eight parties that could provide a place in the Verkhovna Rada. Ukraine finally gets his opportunity to round off the authorities finally.

More here in the live blog at 26.10. from 9 am German time. Please note in advance that I am not a native speaker.

At 27.10. there is then a further live talk with Marcus Surges and me on the election results.

22:00. That’s it! The “Block Poroshenko” will win the election with a fairly small Vorpsrung before “Popular Front” and “self-help”. This was an exciting election day with many surprises that are größstenteils positive assessment. After 13 hours, I say goodbye and thank you very much for your interest. Important note: Tomorrow, there is a live talk on the election results with Marcus Surges and me.

21:57. As of 20 am local time is the voter turnout in 50 of 198 constituencies at 52.95%.

21:47. President Petro Poroshenko: “The Ukrainian government, which ran in various parties, has received great trust of the people”.

21:35. Also one must not forget.

20:17. In this election, Right Sector to Dmitrij Jarosch was complete chance. But as a direct candidate he probably used his chance. show three projections that Jarosch won in his constituency with distance.

20:12. Oleksandr Turchinov: “I hope that the” Popular Front “can suggest that the new prime minister immediately. The candidacy of this is Arseniy Jajenjuk. Hopefully he will be supported by the Parliament “.

20:01. Oleksandr Turchinov, “popular front”: “With the result we are satisfied, but have to wait for now. These elections are a signal to prepare for the new coalition agreement. ”

19:59. It is important to understand that the extrapolations give no complete picture of the new Parliament – only the deputies, who were elected by party lists.

19:56. Yuriy Boyko, “opposition bloc”: “We are grateful to all those who voted for us. This was a difficult campaign and, frankly, probably the untransparanten elections that there was “.

19:46. The party of Tymoshenko celebrates even if there is nothing really to celebrate.

19 46

19:40. Andriy Sadovyy: “If you want to unite people, then you have to give everything. We have oriented ourselves to 12% from the beginning. In Ukraine, there are so many talented people who want changes. We do not use the and thus lose the country. It is good that there are no communists in the new parliament. All parties must stick together, which is now easier. be united, the government must, for we will fight. ”

19:35. Yuriy Lutsenko: “We manhattan demorkatische and honest elections. We could get more votes, but we fought transparent. No one can say how the new coalition will look like today. In the coalition all Maidan forces are invited. In the coalition agreement, it will not go to the positions in the government, is all about reform. We will propose this contract the “Popular Front” and the “self-help” ».

19:26. Yuriy Lutsenko, “Block Poroshenko”: “We will propose to the coalition agreement tomorrow. Each party, each Member will have the opportunity to entertain the slices. Whether Yatsenyuk Prime Minister, will be released by the coalition talks “.

19:20. Andriy Sadovyy, “self-help”: “This result corresponds to the expectations of the people. We are very satisfied”.

19:15. For the first time in history, is “Communist Party” is not represented in the Ukrainian Parliament.

19:14. Whether Arseniy Yatsenyuk Prime Minister remains with this election result of the “People’s Front”? This was to make it comfortable with the idea of ??Poroshenko, Vladimir Grojsman Prime Minister.

19:13. “Block Poroshenko” wins just ahead of “Popular Front”. The result of the party Yatsenyuk is a sensation – nobody expected that the “popular front” so comes close to the Poroshenko Party. The “self-help” of Sadovyy can be very satisfied.

19:09. Extrapolation Savik Shuster Studio
“Block Poroshenko” – 23.2%
“Popular Front” (Yatsenyuk) – 20.7%
“Self-help” (Sadovyy) – 13.0%
“Opposition bloc” (Boyko) – 8.0%
“Radical Party” (Lyashko) – 6.8%
“Swoboda” (Tjahnybok) – 5.8%
“Vaterland” (Tymoshenko) – 5.5%

19:08. Grossing Rating:
“Block Poroshenko” – 22.2%
“Popular Front” (Yatsenyuk) – 21.8%
“Self-help” (Sadovyy) – 14.2%
“Opposition bloc” (Boyko) – 7.8%
“Radical Party” (Lyashko) – 6.4%
“Swoboda” (Tjahnybok) – 5.8%
“Vaterland” (Tymoshenko) – 5.6%

19:05. National extrapolation
“Block Poroshenko” – 23%
“Popular Front” (Yatsenyuk) – 21.3%
“Self-help” (Sadovyy) – 13.2%
“Opposition bloc” (Boyko) – 7.6%
“Radical Party” (Lyashko) – 6.4%
“Swoboda” (Tjahnybok) – 6.3%
“Vaterland” (Tymoshenko) – 5.6%

19:02. Extrapolation TNS
“Block Poroshenko” – 24.3%
“Popular Front” (Yatsenyuk) – 21.8%
“Self-help” (Sadovyy) – 12.5%
“Radical Party” (Lyashko) – 7.1%
“Opposition bloc” (Boyko) – 6.6%
“Swoboda” (Tjahnybok) – 6.3%
“Vaterland” (Tymoshenko) – 6.0%

18:57. Extrapolation ICTV
“Block Poroshenko” – 24.63%
“Popular Front” (Yatsenyuk) – 22.32%
“Self-help” (Sadovyy) – 11.70%
“Radical Party” (Lyashko) – 7.40%
“Opposition bloc” (Boyko) – 6.80%
“Vaterland” (Tymoshenko) – 6.07%
“Swoboda” (Tjahnybok) – 6.03%
“Civic attitude” (Hryzenko) – 2.80%
“Communist Party” (Simonenko) – 2.79%

18:53. At 19h German time close the polling stations. We will get the same with the initial projections. It will be exciting. And yes, it will probably also surprises.

18:40. A very fitting image.

18 40

18:26. Yet a mysterious Tweet from Pavel Sheremet. The could also be interpreted as: “Block Poroshenko” is ahead with 23%, followed by “Popular Front” (21.6%), “self-help” (12.6%), “opposition bloc” (7.7%) and ” radical party “(6.5%). Let’s see the veracity of these figures.

18:10. If the rumors are true, then to the “Block Poroshenko” have only a very small projection on the “People’s Front” of Arseniy Yatsenyuk. That’s a pretty big surprise indeed.

18:00. Another hour until the closing of polling stations. Right after also first projections are published. There are at least four, which are relevant.

17:48. 19 polling stations were “mined” today, says a spokesman for the Ukrainian Security Council. All reports were wrong, fortunately.

17:29. Stand 16 am local time is the voter turnout in the districts of Vinnytsia and Lviv at 50%, in the district of Donetsk – only 26%.

17:20. In the district of Kharkov, a man was arrested who has bought for 200 hryvnyas votes. These are now not even 15 euros.

17:10. New figures for voter turnout was 16:00 local time. Now it is 40.6%.

17:00. The big election enters its final phase. At 20h Kiev time (19:00 German time) close the polling stations. Let’s see how high the turnout at the end is. Two hours left.

16:51. Stresses Ukrainian Sicherheitsrart that 80% of the military personnel who are in the combat zone to Donetsk and Luhansk, have already voted.

16:35. The “Party of Regions” of Viktor Yanukovych is not a candidate this time. On the other hand there are two parties that exist on the whole of the former members of Yanukovych’s party. On one hand, this is the “opposition bloc”, whose leading candidate is ex-Energy Minister Yuriy Boyko. On the other hand it is about the “Strong Ukraine” from Serhyj Tihipko, who has worked under Yanukovych as vice-premier. The controversial “Communist Party”, which is traditionally led by Petro Simonenko, a candidate again. The biggest problem for these three parties is the fact that is not selected in the Crimea and partly in the districts of Donetsk and Luhansk – exactly where also Derren loyal voters live.

16:23. Last message of the Central Election commission in Kiev: The turnout has been higher than 40%.

16:07. In principle, the Election Day runs fairly quiet. However, one must also say that there are many more rights violations, as was the case in May in the presidential election.

15:51. The press center of the “Radical Party”.

15 51

15:41. Stand 16:00 Kyiv time is the provisional voter turnout at 34.67%. Really big it is no longer, that’s already clear.

15:25. For the nationalist party ‘Swoboda’ of oleh tyahnybok is not about to repeat the results of 2012 Design. At that time, “Swodoba” has brought 10.45% of votes. Now Tjahnybok will come with its usual content somehow over the five percent hurdle. Some opportunities also has the “bourgeois attitude” of Anatoly Hryzenko, who served as defense minister in the past. His party is considered democratic, but at the same time as very populist.

15:01. Andriy Sadovyy, the longtime mayor of Lviv, for years has a good reputation in Ukrainian politics. His party “self-help” is now probably make it into parliament, although they started as underdogs in the race. In principle is “self-help” a classic pro-European party, but not so strong in content. The supporters of the “self-help” identify themselves but as Socialists. Noteworthy: Sadovyy is only 50th in the party list. In second place we find the other hand semen semenchenko, which has become known as the commander of the battalion «Donbass».

14:47. The Belarusian journalist Pavel Sheremet indicated in a secret language full out that the “Block Poroshenko” at the moment according to projections is 22.2% ahead.

14:27. The Russian photographer Yevgeny Feldman of Novaya Gazeta is located in Mariuopol.

14:04. So the President has voted.

13:52. Petro Poroshenko has finally cast his vote: “I voted for the future, for European development and for the renewal of power. I am convinced that I can do is to provide a strong, pro-European, democratic coalition proukrainische and on its feet “.

13:30. The “People’s Front” is the new party around Arseniy Yatsenyuk, Oleksandr Turchinov and Arsen Avakov (current Interior Minister). Yatsenyuk did not want to cooperate with Tymoshenko and then founded a new project that has not yet, however, is so convincing. The “Popular Front” calls as the “Block Poroshenko” the rapprochement with the European Union, in the east of the country the party leadership would still tougher action against the separatists. Yatsenyuk wants to remain Prime Minister after the election, but his relations with Poroshenko are not ideal. Nevertheless, a coalition between the “Block Poroshenko” and the “People’s Front” very likely.

13:03. The real scandal of the elections.

12:50. Former journalists Leshchenko and Najem were attacked.

12:46. The “homeland” -party of Yulia Tymoshenko was in addition to the “Party of Regions” of Viktor Yanukovych once the second leading force of Ukrainian politics. In February Tymoshenko was released from custody, but their influence on politics was already gone. Before the election Tymoshenko has not lost two guide support – the Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and parliamentary chairman Turchinov. By contrast, “Fatherland” has a public relations ploy: The Ukrainian Combat pilot Nadezhda Savchenko, which is in Russian captivity, leads the list of the party. For representation in parliament it should be enough, however.

12:25. Before a polling station in Kramatorsk, Donetsk District.

12:17. Central Wahlkomssion posts preliminary figures for turnout: Stand 12:00 Kyiv time, almost 18% of the electorate voted.

12:06. Parliament Chairman Oleksandr Turchinov extremely for election: “I hope that today’s result will strengthen a pro-European majority in the Verkhovna Rada. By the evening, we will know more or less how the new parliament looks. I am convinced that these elections are run transparently “.

11:48. 45% of the population in the district of Donetsk and 28% of the population in the district of Luhansk can vote today. The overview:

11:36. Poroshenko commented on his trip to Kramatorsk: “I wanted to protect the voting rights of military personnel. That’s the reason why I’m here. ”

11:25. In the last parliamentary elections in 2012, the “Radical Party” by Oleh Lyashko received only 1.08% of the vote, Lyashko himself was still selected as the candidate for the Verkhovna Rada. But the events of this year made the political outsider to favorite. After the huge success in May when Lyashko would receive 8.32% in the presidential election that could put “Radical Party” is the second largest faction in the new parliament. However, not only content, but also the financing are highly questionable. Supposedly it is the ex-President’s chief of Yanukovych Sergei Ljowotschkin leading this project.

11:02. The journalists in Kiev are mad at Poroshenko. You have been invited to 10 am local time, to pursue his vote. Ukrainian President is still in the East. It has to be waited for hours.

10:54. Oleh Lyashko, the controversial leader of the “Radical Party”, has also matched. Its goals are ambitious: “I want to be Prime Minister.” Ins Parliament his party will probably come easily. The radicals even have a chance realitische to second place.

10:46. Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk from true. His new party “People’s Front” is hoping for government involvement.

10:37. Petro Poroshenko at a polling station in Kramatorsk, Donetsk Region.

10:32. The “Block Poroshenko” is the big favorite eindeitig diseser elections. The policy mix of the parties ‘solidarity’ of Poroshenko and “UDAR” of Vitali Klitschko is counting on the continuation of the European integration and the implementation of the peace plan of the President. The party list is led by Klitschko, who is, however, not sit in Parliament. The ex-boxer continues to be mayor of Kiev. Moreover, the list of “Block Poroshenko” Ex-Interior Minister Yuriy Lutsenko, Vice-Premier Vladimir Grojsman and two top journalists Sergei Leshchenko and Mustafa Najem are represented.

10:17. For great excitement caused yesterday’s interview of Petro Poroshenko, the evening aired a state broadcaster. The reason: the political advertising is actually banned on the eve of elections. Poroshenko not a candidate himself, the “Block Poroshenko” but bears his name.

10:00. The Central Wahlkomssion sees no danger for the 198 constituencies remained. “Of course there could be some problems, no constituency but fail completely,” commented Mychajlo Ochendowskyj, head of the commission.

9:52. In Mariupol What about the turnout so far from not so bad.

9:42. Yulia Tymoshenko, the leader of the “Fatherland” -party, voted at home in Dnipropetrwosk: “We have enough strength to return to the peace”.

9:27. “In Donbass arrived”.

9:15. Marina Poroshenko, the wife of the President, has voted in Kiev: “My husband is in the war zone in eastern Ukraine. But he will choose. ”

9:08. The electoral system, however, is quite simple. Ukraine’s parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, consists of 450 deputies. 225 of them are elected by party lists, the other 225 run directly in various constituencies. At the end of at least 27 MPs are absent from the Crimea / eastern Ukraine, which will then nachgewählt theoretically. These seats remain for the time being empty.

9:00. Good Morning! The parliamentary elections in Ukraine have been running for two hours. There are also great difficulties that do not come completely unexpected. In the Crimea and in many constituencies of the administrative districts of Donetsk and Luhansk you can not choose as expected. Definitely falling from 27 of 225 constituencies, which makes the choice for estimated 13% of the population impossible.

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